Nosotros no organizamos los eventos, así que si deseas más información debes contactar con el organizador del evento. Encontrarás sus datos en la ficha del evento.

También puedes contactar con él donde viste promocionado el evento: como sus redes sociales o su sitio web. 

After the purchase we send you an email that includes the tickets. If you don't see it, make sure you check the spam folder. If you still can’t find them, fill in the contact form at the end of this page.

Once the organizer confirms the event was cancelled, we’ll refund the tickets to the same card used for purchased.

Ver pregunta “Mi evento se ha cancelado”

No refunds or exchanges are available.

Tickets are charged immediately. If you don’t see the charge in your bank statement repeat the purchase process.


If you see the charge in your bank statement but didn’t received the order confirmation email, contact us from the email address you used to make the purchased and include:


● Name of the event      

● Date and time of purchase      

● Total amount      

● Last four digits of the card used to buy the tickets     

Sometimes, to complete the purchase, your bank requests an additional step, such as entering a code sent by SMS or the position of a coordinate card.


If you have a problem with this step, contact your bank. If the problem is different, fill in the contact form at the end of this page.

Debes solicitarla al organizador del evento. 

Puedes contactar con el organizador a través de su web o de sus redes sociales. 

Make sure you use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you still can’t purchase, fill in the contact form at the end of this page, explaining which tickets you want to buy and we’ll help you.

Contact us from the email address you used to make the purchase and include the new name and surname you want to see in the ticket. If the event organizer allows us and the type of ticket is still on sale, we’ll make the change.

Only one change per ticket is allowed.

If the tickets you purchased are not nominative (the event organizer only asks for the buyer’s name and not each attendee’s name) any person can attend.


If your tickets are nominative, check "I want to change the name of my ticket".

In that case the event organizer decided to request only the buyer’s name, so there’s no problem, all tickets are valid.

This is something you should discuss with the manager of the venue where the event is taking place. You’ll find this information in the event page.

You can make the purchase with almost any Visa and MasterCard debit or credit card. We don’t support American Express and some prepaid cards.

You can’t. You can pay by credit or debit card.

We’ll refund the ticket provided it’s an error rather than different purchases. Contact us from the email address you used to make the purchase and include:


● Name of the event      

● Number of tickets bought on each purchase      

● Amount of each purchase      

● Date and time of purchases      

● Last four digits of the card used for purchased    



The order confirmation email you received after the purchase contains your ticket in passwallet (for Android and iPhone) and PDF format. Just show the ticket in any of those formats when entering the venue of the event.

Make sure you filled in all the fields and your email address is written correctly both times we request it.

If you still have doubts, fill in the form. Give us all information possible to make it easier to help you.

Customer service hours (peninsular Spain time):

● Mon-Thu: 10AM - 6PM    

● Fri: 10AM - 11PM      

● Sat: 5PM - 11PM    

● Sun: 12 - 14PM

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